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8 Fear and Worries most people have when they think about training/starting a new business

Embarking on a new journey can often bring about feelings of nervousness and uncertainty. If you’re considering booking a Relax Kids Training Course or any other children’s yoga/mindfulness course, it’s natural to have some worries and doubts. In this post, we’ll look into the most common reasons and reservations which people have shared with us over the last few years.

Here are the 8 most common fears and worries 

I’m worried and scared about the unknown 

Doing something new like booking a new training course can be intimidating, especially when you’re unsure of what to expect. You might be wondering about the course structure, the learning materials, or the level of support provided. This is so natural as diving into something new can be scary. You can relax as our Training Courses are designed to provide you with a comprehensive experience. With  the informative 24 modules and practical exercises as well as ongoing support and resources, we ensure that you have everything you need to thrive and succeed as a Relax Kids coach.

I’m worried that I don’t have enough experience 

Many are concerned that they lack prior experience in teaching or working with children or experience in relaxation/meditation. The most important thing in our eyes is your passion and the desire to make a positive impact. Over the last 20 years, we have trained coaches from all backgrounds and experience and many have had no prior experience working in this field. We provide you with the knowledge and skills so you can feel confident engaging and connecting with children.

I’m worried I won’t find the work

In this current climate, it is totally understandable for people to be anxious about this subject. However, the demand for relaxation techniques and mindfulness practices for children is steadily increasing as it self-regulation techniques are so vital for children at this time. We have many self-employed coaches who are running their business  full time and some are earning more than their previous jobs. However, it does take time. We always recommend that you build your business alongside your current job and transition slowly to take out the anxiety. It is of course double the work in the beginning, but it is worth it once you have built your business making a meaningful difference in the lives of children.

I’m worried I won’t have the confidence to do this

One of the primary reasons people feel nervous about booking a training course is a lack of confidence in their abilities. It’s important to remember that confidence is not something you are born with – it has to developed and nurtured over time.  The best way to develop it, is to feel but fear but do it anyway. Our coaches have a slogan that they like to repeat to each other -JUST DO IT.  They often say the thought of doing it, is usually far worse than actually doing it. We want you to gradually build your confidence and belief in yourself as you witness the positive impact you can have on children’s lives doing this incredible work. We have found that coaches who have felt nervous to start, have grown in confidence to the point they love what they do. 

I’m worried I won’t be able to manage children’s behaviour 

It’s natural to have concerns about managing children’s behaviour, especially if you have limited experience working with them. Most of class management comes not from theory but getting out there and doing it. It can definitely be scary, you will make mistakes, but that is the way to learn and grow. Once you move through your apprehension, you will start to enjoy and sharing strategies to create a calm and nurturing environment, establish clear boundaries, and manage challenging behaviours with empathy and understanding. 

I’m worried I won’t make enough money

Financial worry is one of the biggest worries of this time as everyone’s budgets are stretched. We have introduced monthly payments plans to help make the training more affordable for you. This is an investment in yourself as well the lives of the children you’ll be impacting. Many of our coaches have said after the training that the value is actually 10x more than what they paid. We know we are giving you so much value for your money and the value of the knowledge and skills you’ll gain will far outweigh the initial cost.

I’m worried I’ll be lonely starting a business by myself 

Setting up in business alone can be a lonely process especially if you have been used to working in a team. There will be times where you will be alone, planning and running your classes, but we have created a fantastic tribe of coaches who will help support you as you start your coach journey. Once you have trained, you will have access to a community of fellow coaches who are passionate about helping children and are eager to support each other’s growth. We encourage community rather than competition and you will be part of a network that will serve as a valuable source of encouragement, guidance, and inspiration, and help you overcome any self-doubt and remind you to believe in yourself.

Im worried I won’t finish or have enough time to complete the training 

The training is around 8 hours of training that has been broken up into bite-size pieces. You can slowly progress through the training at your own pace proritising your time and managing your schedule effectively. Breaking down the course material into smaller more manageable sections will take away overwhelm. You may like to set aside dedicated time for your training to help you steadily work through the course. Work around your children, knowing that you are doing it for them. Remember to take support from others taking the training to keep up your motivation. You will have 6 month to complete the training. If something happens and you need more time, we can of course have a discussion. 

Feeling nervous about booking your Relax Kids Training Course is completely normal. However, it’s important to recognise that these fears and concerns can be overcome. By taking this step, you are opening doors to a fulfilling career that allows you to positively impact the lives of children. You may be scared of the unknown, worried about not having the confidence or the right experience or ability to manage the children. You may worry that you won’t make enough money, get enough work or be good enough or you’ll be lonely in business. You may worrying that you won’t have time to complete the course.  

It trust in yourself and us, knowing that over 6,000 coaches have done it before you. Embrace the unknown, believe in yourself, and let your passion for teaching relaxation to kids guide you towards a rewarding and purposeful future. Focus on the lives of the children you’re going to transform. 

You don’t want to let your worries get in the way of such valuable work.

Let us know if you have any of these worries or if another one pops up.

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