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50 ways to praise your child

And boost their self-esteem!

Children thrive on positive praise, remarks, comments and words. Praise is simply a genuine, positive comment, said with a warm look and tone. Your affection, gestures, looks and words will allow your child to develop a positive view of them selves as by being loved and loveable as well as valued.

There are various ways of using language to boost your child’s self esteem. A steady supply of praise will also not only improve bad behaviour, but also help them cope with the various new challenges they will encounter. Make sure your tone and gestures back up the words that are coming out of your mouth or your child will not believe you.

You can share positive thoughts and feelings such as I love you and I feel so proud of you, share positive appreciation for a specific task such as The way you read that book was wonderful. You can also use positive words to show that you recognise their achievements and efforts such as You are trying so hard at…

One more thing – make sure your praise is genuine and your face and voice is warm and loving. This way, your child will believe your words and start to value themselves. For best results, try to avoid back handed praise that comes with a sting in the tail. For example `Tom you shared your toys very well today It is a shame you were so naughty yesterday.` Forget the past and focus on nurturing and encouraging your child from this moment onwards.

Below is a list of 50 ways to praise your child. Try to use at least three of them today! Use these positive comments often and watch how your precious child grows more and more confident, secure and full of self-esteem. And better still the positive words will make you feel great too! So here they are please do pass these on to any other mums and dads or teachers who might find them useful so we can spread positivity to our next generation.

50 ways to praise your child

1. I like the way you…

2. I admired the way you…

3. Do you know how important you are to me?

4. I could really see how much you were trying

5. It is fun playing with you

6. I care so much about you

7. I feel so proud of you when you…

8. You really showed how talented you are when you…

9. I am so excited that you…

10. You can really feel proud of yourself because …

11. You’re a real winner!

12. You are a real friend – look at how you…

13. That is amazing! Well done!

14. I love you because…

15. I trust you to…

16. You are a real joy

17. You are a real good friend

18. Congratulations on the way you…

19. Thank you for…

20. I can see how hard you worked on that – well done!

21. You have a lovely singing voice

22. I can really see that you are improving

23. You are precious

24. You are so important

25. You are unique

26. What an imagination!

27. You are so caring

28. You make me smile

29. You have a special talent for…

30. You have a brilliant smile

31. You are so clever

32. You are so creative

33. That is fantastic – look at how you made…

34. I love being with you

35. You are a star!

36. You look fantastic today

37. You look great in that

38. You are really brilliant

39. You are beautiful

40. Wow that is fantastic

41. You are so special

42. That is excellent

43. That is really great

44. Well Done!

45. I knew you could do it

46. You are a real super star

47. You are really smart

48. That is magnificent

49. You are Spectacular

50. Well done you! Take action today, praise, praise, praise and watch your child blossom and grow in happiness.

And, just one more thing – For your child to really shine and be full of confidence, he/she needs to be encouraged to develop the art of positive self-talk. Try to discourage you child from feeling and talking negatively about themselves but use affirmations such as `I am great at running`, `I am OK` and `I can do it`.

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