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πŸ’œ Congratulations to our featured coach – Lorraine Pellet πŸ’œ

Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Qualified June 2021

” Whilst working as a Learning Mentor in a large primary school, I discovered there was a need for helping young people find a place of calm. I used the Relax Kids’ books to run before school visualisation sessions to help the young people feel ready for their day. It was a few years later, that I read the back of the book and realised Relax Kids was a β€˜thing’!

I changed jobs and time moved on, however I kept coming back to the idea of being a Relax Kids Coach. I qualified as a Drawing and Talking Practitioner and realised that quite a few practitioners were also Relax Kids coaches.  It gave me the push I needed to be brave and got for it!

I love seeing the changes Relax Kids makes to young people. For some they increase their confidence, explore their own voices and take ownership of believing in themselves. For others they begin to recognise the energy changes in their bodies are controlled by them and (for the most part) they can choose to energise themselves or tone it down to find a place of calm. The realisation that they have that power inside of them is just magical.

I was invited out of the blue, to run workshops for Reception up to Year 4 children for Children’s Mental Health week. This was a huge privilege and I absolutely loved the event! The comments I received from the children in the sessions were very special. The feedback from the Head Teacher was so positive, that I am looking to run a weekly class for them.

I run before and after school classes in local primary schools. I am invited to attend wellbeing events that children participate in with their parents.  Schools pay for blocks of work that fit with curriculum topics and events.  I also work 1 to 1 with children/young people at home.  

For me when I hear children say β€˜I wish it was Relax Kids every day’ and β€˜I believe in myself’ just honestly make my heart burst with pride that they feel that way.  To see a group of children interacting so positively together and bringing each other joy, is amazing.

Being a Relax Kids Coach has helped me grow as a person. I have become more confident in myself and truly believe I have something valuable to pass on to the next generation. The company rules have become part of my life and I am grateful for the changes that they have given me.

I take pride in my status as a Relax Kid Coach and absolutely remain committed to bringing peace and positivity to the next generation.”