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πŸ’œ Congratulations to our featured coach – Katie McGreal πŸ’œ

“My name is Katie McGreal, I am in Galway and I teach Relax Kids in schools in Conamara and Galway city in Irish and English. I have been a coach for nearly 6 years. I found Relax Kids after I had done a silent meditation retreat and I found such benefit in the practice and I wanted to spread the word to more people, especially to children as the earlier we start teaching children and people to slow down and take time out the better! Our society is pushing us all the time to do this and do that and do more. Taking time out is undervalued so much but it is so necessary and so valuable! Teaching Relax Kids has reminded me to not take life so seriously. It has reminded me to have fun and that life is more enjoyable with more laughter. My greatest achievement to date is that I am able to provide this life-changing service to Gaeltacht schools in their own language. I get to go into schools all over Conamara and show the children that we can do anything in Irish and Irish isn’t just a language for school, it is also a language for relaxation and fun and play.” https://www.facebook.com/solasrelaxation @solasrelaxation