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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

FREE Easter Pack

for calm, creativity and connection

What’s inside:

Easter Affirmation Cards: 

Encouraging positive thoughts and self-empowerment for children this Easter season.

Easter Bingo: 

A fun and interactive game that adds excitement to your Easter celebration with a twist of mindfulness.

Magic Seeds Envelop: 

Plant the seeds of positivity and watch them grow along with your child’s imagination and creativity.

Family Games and Activity Ideas:

Enjoyable activities that promote bonding and togetherness during Easter. 

Why choose Relax Kids Easter Pack?

Nurturing Mindfulness:

Encourage emotional resilience and well-being through mindfulness practices that are both enjoyable and meaningful for kids.

Family Bonding:

Create lasting memories and build stronger family connections with the shared experience of our specially designed Easter activities.

Celebrate the True Spirit:

Embrace the essence of Easter in a unique and refreshing way, focusing on love, kindness, and inner peace. 

Making Easter an extra special occasion with these games and activities