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What Can I Be Today?…

Do you remember the misfit books where you turned the pages to create hilarious character combinations.

Ever since I have been writing wellbeing books for children, I have strived to come up with new and exciting concepts to engage children’s busy minds.

What Can I Be Today is an interactive book where children can now create their very own unique and positive affirmations.

It really is such fun flicking through the flaps and imagining wild and wonderful positive personas as they create inspirational titles for themselves.

Here are some examples:

I am the Most Magical Wizard of the Stars who inspires everyone
I am the most Incredible Ninja of the Galaxy who loves to laugh
I am the most Wondrous Explorer of Creation who always smiles

Who wouldn’t want to be all those?!

What an amazing way to encourage self confidence and self-esteem in children!

The affirmations in What Can I Be Today can be used as inspiration for storytelling, writing, games and many more activities.

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Have a magical day