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Sports Day Self Esteem!

Encourage kids to recognise their individuality. Sports Day is approaching, and for some this is a very exciting opportunity. A chance to show a natural sporting ability that many kids

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Goal keeping

Helping children think about and work towards their goals can build self esteem and give them a sense of achievement. Here are some steps to help children work towards their

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Individuality For children, this concept can be a difficult one. Ask anyone to describe themselves, their background, and their beliefs: you will find that everybody answers are different. Yes, some

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50 ways to praise your child

And boost their self-esteem! Children thrive on positive praise, remarks, comments and words. Praise is simply a genuine, positive comment, said with a warm look and tone. Your affection, gestures,

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Children’s self-esteem issues are increasing as society is putting more and more pressure on children and young people to look, act and be a certain way. Social media, bullying, exam

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