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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

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Individuality For children, this concept can be a difficult one. Ask anyone to describe themselves, their background, and their beliefs: you will find that everybody answers are different. Yes, some

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50 ways to praise your child

And boost their self-esteem! Children thrive on positive praise, remarks, comments and words. Praise is simply a genuine, positive comment, said with a warm look and tone. Your affection, gestures,

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Children’s self-esteem issues are increasing as society is putting more and more pressure on children and young people to look, act and be a certain way. Social media, bullying, exam

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Exercises for May

If your child is attending our Relax Kids classes, these exercises will support them in between classes.  If they are not attending classes, these exercises are a great introduction to

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Top Marks

Larna-Mai reviewed our Concentration CD Say hello to the lovely Larna-Mai, aged 7, who is our latest Official Relax Kids Reviewer.  She was eager to receive the https://relaxkids.com/product/concentration/  and could

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Mindfulness in Schools

Meditation and mindfulness are becoming more and more popular in schools.   With the rise in child stress and mental health issues, it is becoming more and more important for

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Stressed About SATs

Beat that exam stress… Is your child stressed about their SATs? Are they struggling to concentrate? Is the stress affecting their confidence? Then the Relax Kids EXAM SURVIVAL PACK may

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