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being relaxed kids

Close your eyes and be very still.
Now just imagine your body is so relaxed that you feel as if  you are slowly sinking into the ground.
Let your feet become heavy and relaxed, and feel them slowly sinking downwards.
Now let your legs become heavy, and sink downwards.
Let your back become soft and sink down deeper and deeper.
Your arms feel heavy and are sinking.
Your head is heavy and relaxes deeply.
Stay in this wonderful deep relaxation for as long as you wish.

bubbles of peace

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are holding a huge bottle of bubble liquid.
You are going to blow some bubbles, these are special peace bubbles that will drift through the world spreading peace everywhere.
First become very peaceful. 
Now take your bubble wand, breathe in peace and as you blow out, blow out as many bubbles as you can.
Imagine you are filling each bubble with peace.
Breathe in peace again, and blow out peace, into the bubbles.
Now watch the bubbles drift upwards into the sky and move along.
Where in the world would you like to send your peace bubbles to?

feeling safe

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are tortoise lying in the warm grass.
Whenever you feel like becoming really peaceful you can curl up in your strong protective shell.
It feels so safe in your shell. It is like being in a very safe home.
As you breathe in and out you are filling your shell with warm air making it feel very cosy inside.
Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.
Keep repeating to yourself, I am still, I am still, I am still.
How long can you stay in this relaxed position?

light as a feather

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine your whole body becoming as light as a feather.
Wiggle your toes and imagine they are becoming so light they start to float into the air.
Make them drift upwards.
And now feel as if your legs are turning into feathers. Can you feel them starting to drift upwards.
Now feel your tummy become soft and light. Let your tummy become soft and relaxed.
Feel your chest becoming soft and light like a feather. Enjoy this feeling as your body slowly gets lighter and lighter.
Feel your arms getting light.
Let your fingers gently relax and float upwards.
And finally let your head be light. Feel all the tension melt away as your head becomes soft and light.
keep repeating to yourself I am as light as a feather, I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light.

peaceful river

Close your eyes, be very still. and imagine you are in a small boat drifting down the river.
Like back and allow the soft breeze and river currents to move you gently along.
As you lie there, let your whole body be completely still.
You can feel the softness of the sunshine on your skin.
You hear the birds singing quietly and the water rippling gently.
You feel totally content and serene.
As you lie there let all the muscles in your body relax.
Breathe in and out and feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation.

soaking in the sunshine

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are lying down outside in the sunshine.
Your body feels totally relaxed as you lie conformably in the soft grass.
The rays of sun are soaking into your muscles, warming and relaxing your whole body.
Feel the warmth of the sun on your legs and let them relax.
Let the muscles around your tummy relax.
Feel the suns rays on your shoulders and arms as you relax into the spongy grass.
Now feel the warm sun on your face. As the sun touches it your whole face relaxes. Relax your forehead, your cheeks, your eyes and your mouth. Relax.

the floating balloon

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are holding a big balloon. It is very light. This balloon is so light it starts to float up into the air. Hold on tight and feel the balloon gently rising into the sky. 
The big balloon is pulling you further and further into the air.
Take a deep breath in and then breathe out slowly. breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly. Each time you breathe in and out you gently glide further and further into the warm sky.
Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in , breathe out. 

the quiet cave

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are sitting all alone in a quiet cave looking out on to a sandy beach, where peaceful children are collecting shells.
You can hear the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore.
Listen to the seagulls calling as they fly around in the clear blue sky.
If you listen very carefully you might be able to hear the crabs scuttling lightly across the sand, can you hear them?
As you stay here in the quiet cave you feel completely safe and very peaceful.
Let these lovely feelings of peace wash all over you. 
Repeat to yourself in your mind, I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.