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Why Children (and adults) Should Take a Break From Social Media during the school holidays.

It is time to switch off…

Is your child spending all their time glued to their phone?

With the summer holidays approaching, children and teenagers are often found with too much time on their hands, wracking their brains for something to do. To fill that void, most children and teenagers turn to electronic devices and social media.

Whilst this can be a short rest bite, the long-term consequences can be more damaging than you may think.

Here are 9 reasons why children should take a break from social media

  1. Turning off their phone and bringing them away from social media can be good for their mental health. It will help to reduce their feelings of anxiety, loneliness or jealousy.
  2. They will find more time for seeing their friends, exercising or finding new hobbies
  3. It gives them a chance to rest and recharge
  4. It can make them more present in what they are doing
  5. Switching their phone off will improve their sleep
  6. It can help to make them more productive
  7. Social media can have a negative effect on their self-esteem
  8. Kicking the social media habit can help them to build strong relationships with friends and family
  9. Connecting with family and friends in person creates a far stronger bond than through social media.

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