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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

What Parents Say

We are so delighted with the amazing response we have had from parents after using our books and CDs.  

Relax Kids is now used in over 500,000 homes and schools and this has happened mainly by word of mouth.  How?  Because it does work!

My daughter has been taking part in after school Relax Kids classes and really benefitted from it. We are hoping that toddler groups become developed too!!!


My 3 love Relax Kids as they LOVE the CDs, and have we have nightly fun meditations!

Nicky Fraser

I was so excited I just had to write to you and let you know that we used the Relax Kids Self Esteem CD this evening with both my daughters and myself laying on the bed listening together. Both children take forever to settle at night, with really bad behaviour and running around, and general disobedience going on until sometime eleven at night and beyond. After just a couple of tracks, they were really enjoying them, taking time in between each track to describe how they felt to be sitting next to the shining star in the sky and coming up with the things they liked about themselves and each other. 

They loved the treasure chest track and were delighted when even their dad came and joined in for the last few exercises. The whole exercise, even for my cynical 11 year old was very uplifting with us all exchanging words of kindness and love to each other as both girls went happily off to bed. Best of all, I peeped in at them at 10pm and they were both fast asleep and no-one had gotten out of bed even once! Tonight, I am feeling positive and happy instead of sad and depressed. I really do think the Relax Kids CDs are amazing!


We received the CD in mail last week and it is fabulous. My son, who is 12, gets anxious at night when he tries to quiet down to go to sleep. Instead of relaxing it is often the time when he thinks of everything from his day; what didn’t go right, what he may have forgotten, what worries him in the future etc.

The night we got the CD he played it at bedtime and it calmed him down and he drifted off to sleep. The second night, he asked his sister to listen to it with him before she went to bed because he thought it was so helpful. It is totally working for him. Over the weekend, our family started to get into a heated debate over dinner. He went up to his room, got the CD and asked us all to sit around the living room, listen to it and relax. We did and it was great. We picked the conversation back up with renewed peace of mind later on and resolved our issue. I am about to order another. I really do think the Relax Kids CDs are amazing!


We are enjoying presenting relax kids here with Chertsey Children’s centre Our parents and children’s Relax Kids sessions are going down well here as we are working on familial relationships which is my brief as parent coach here and we will send our lesson plans off to you guys soon to complete our registration for RKT licence. I invited my RKT business buddy Ruth to come over to join me in facilitating 4 sessions with children and parents so we could get the ball rolling and get some experience under our belt we are loving it and I am looking forward to children only sessions plus family sessions in the new year here and Ruth is planning to spread the word in Coulson!

Karen Henfrey