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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

What makes Windmill Primary School special

Lynn Knapp, the powerhouse Head of Windmill Primary School in Oxford proudly showed me around her incredible values-based school today.

As soon as you walk in you can see and feel how the values of care, creativity and community are deeply embedded. Each month the whole school focuses on a value and explore it in a number of ways through assembly, plays, stories and children’s experiences. This month is HOPE.

Lynn (a keen dancer) makes sure she stands outside school with her music each morning for 30 mins to welcome pupils with a smile and dance and say goodbye at the end of the school day. She does this rain and shine. She knows each of her 600 pupil’s names and takes an active interest in what they are doing and encourages conversation as she does her rounds during the breaks.

Clearly the children are happy in school and each child is being nurtured and encouraged to grow. There are pictures of the brain in every classroom and even Year 1 understand their emotional brain and what they need to do to self-regulate.

But what makes Windmill School really special is how Lynn and her staff have put values at the core of the curriculum. They made a decision not to drop other subjects in favour of extended Literacy and Numeracy as they recognise all children are different and some will excel at sports and the arts. No child is left behind but encouraged to grow and bloom.

There is a gym that is used for dance practice in the lunch breaks and the music and cookery rooms are used regularly. At the end of each year Year 6 pupils cook a 3 course meal for their parents.

Alongside various projects, the highlight of the year is the day all pupils swap roles with the teachers. They choose which teacher they want to be and even can dress up as them and plan sessions.

What a wonderful community school!

We are SO delighted to be partnering with Windmill school as they use our Calmaclass toolkit throughout the school. Each pupil will have the opportunity to have regular brain-breaks throughout the school day which we hope will further enhance their learning.

I am so looking forward to seeing how Relax Kids further impacts the school and supports their emotional wellbeing.


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