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Walk to school week

How to make walking to school fun

Walking is a great way to keep fit and relax at the same time.

Children often don’t eel like walking and the walk to and from school or to the shops can feel like a drudgery.

Here are some relaxing and stimulating activities to make the walking with children more enjoyable for everyone:

As you walk, take in a breath and breathe out slowly.

The Colour blue – As you walk, notice everything that is blue.

Play I spy with my little eye as you walk

Skipping – You could try skipping to school. You might like to see if you can walk or skip and not step on the pavement joins.

Change the length of your step. See if you can make huge strides and now tiny strides.span><span 

Change the speed of your steps. See if you can walk faster or slower.

As you walk see how tall you can be. Walk with your shoulders down and back as straight as you can.

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