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The Importance of Meditation

Learn how meditation can help you in every day situations…

I started meditating when I was 12, I was introduced by my mum. Meditation was all so new and we were different and considered hippy then.

I was the only vegetarian at school, in those days, vegetarian meant taking the meat off the salad or sandwich, there were no options.

I used to get laughed at school for being different and doing meditation. But, even then, I knew it was a good thing to do, I think it helped me cope with exam stress. Even in my driving exam, I could feel myself getting worked up during the reverse parking. I asked the examiner if I could have a minute silence, he agreed and I did it in one. I PASSED!

Meditation is so simple, it is just about finding the space of peace that is inside. My meditation teacher told the story of the Indian Princess who lost her necklace. She looked everywhere for it and then she finally realised that it was around her neck all the time. I also heard the story about the Gods who wanted to hide peace of mind from mankind. Where can we put it so they won’t find it? I know, we can hide it at the top of the highest mountain. No, they will find it. I know, let’s hide it in the deepest ocean. No, they will find it. Where can we put it? I know, let’s put peace of mind in their heart. They would never think to search for it there. It’s a great story isn’t it – and SO TRUE – this is all of us.

I think that meditation really is that simple and mindfulness helps us become aware of our body, heart, brain and mind, so we can feel and focus on that peace.

I feel really fortunate that I have been able to use my own practice to help others, particularly children develop a sense of peace and self-awareness.

I honestly can’t think of a better job in the world.