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Talking positively to children in their sleep

Help your child with low self esteem, confidence, bullying and school work.

Your child’s mind is so impressionable and so open to negative information.  All words they hear are taken into their subconscious mind which runs like a computer keeping all the information right the way through their lives.

It is important that they hear a steady flow of positive reinforcement.  Often during the day it doesn’t go in as there are so many distractions.  Night time is a great way to reinforce positive feedback and suggestion.

It is easy to do. 

After reading a story or two, encourage your child to relax deeply.  You may like to play one of the Relax Kids CDs or relaxing music as you read a simple visualisation taking them to a calm place such as a beach or garden.

Just as they are falling asleep, repeat one or two positive affirmations to suggest to their subconscious.  You might like to add their name so they know that it is directed to them.  

Try this for a few moments each night and make a note of the results.

I know this works beautifully as my husband often whispers beautiful things in my ear as I sleep.  I am not aware of him speaking or the words but it definitely helps create a positive connection between us in the day and I wake up feeling calm and refreshed.

Here is a list of positive affirmations you can whisper to your child as they sleep.  Choose the ones that your child most needs to hear and feel free to adapt and make up your own.

  • You are special and very very loved
  • Tomorrow you are going to have a happy day
  • You are amazing and can do whatever you focus your mind on
  • You are brilliant and find it easy to learn at school
  • You are kind and loving and make friends easily
  • You are unique and special
  • Everyday you just get better and better
  • You are calm and relaxed
  • You are a happy positive person and everyone loves you
  • You are brave and confident
  • You have so many friends
  • You do so well at school
  • You are grateful and think of others
  • You learn to read and write fast
  • You listen so well at school
  • You do your best and are a winner
  • You reach your goals easily

You may like to play our Believe and Achieve CD which is full of positive affirmations. https://relaxkids.com/product/believe-and-achieve/