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Spring time relaxations 

Happy Easter from Relax Kids

After all the fun of easter egg hunts, easter games, and lots and lots of chocolate, there’s no better time to do some relaxation! Try these Spring time exercises at

Easter Egg – Imagine that you are a chocolate easter egg outside in the sunshine. You feel yourself melting slowly. Feel your whole body becoming relaxed and letting go as you melt and sink further into the floor.

Green Breaths – Lie down on the floor or bed and put your hand on your tummy. Breathe in and out gently and feel your tummy rising and falling. Now, as you breathe in, imagine you are breathing green light. It feels very calming and peaceful. Now breathe the green light out into the room. Fill the whole room with soft green light. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

Butterfly Massage – You may like to try these massage strokes on your child’s back or encourage siblings to give each other a relaxing massage. Imagine your thumbs are a caterpillar crawling up your child’s spine. Slowly and gently walk up the sides of the spine like a caterpillar. Walk right up to the neck and down again. Now, rub the back to warm it up. Finally practice some butterfly strokes and flutter your fingers all over your child’s head, neck and back.