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Self Care advent calendar

Look after yourself in the run up to Christmas

Day 1

Today’s challenge

Simply sit and do nothing and relax.

Day 2

Today’s challenge

Go for a walk. Walk mindfully. Notice the sounds and sights as you breathe deeply.

Day 3

Today’s challenge

Have a soak in the bath or a shower. Enjoy the water on your skin. Enjoy the warmth.

Day 4

Today’s challenge

Write a gratitude list.

Day 5

Today’s challenge

Reflect on something positive that has happened in the last year. 

Day 6

Today’s challenge

Take out 5 mins to stretch. You can do it in your chair or even in bed.

Day 7

Today’s challenge

Give yourself a foot or hand massage with your favourite cream. Better still, get someone to do it for you.

Day 8

Today’s challenge

Enjoy an extra long hug with those you love. Feel the warmth and love between you.

Day 9

Today’s challenge

Choose a positive affirmation and repeat it 10 times

Day 10

Today’s challenge

Eat something you love. Eat it mindfully and enjoy every crumb.

Day 11

Today’s challenge

Listen to your favourite piece of music with your feet up.

Day 12

Today’s challenge

Have a mindful cup of tea. Enjoy the sensations of the tea in your mouth. Savour each drop.

Day 13

Today’s challenge

Hug a hot water bottle. Place it on your knees, your back or your feet. Feel the warmth on your body.

Day 14

Today’s challenge

Treat yourself to something delicious to eat and enjoy it guilt free.

Day 15

Today’s challenge

Light a candles and spend a few quiet moments remembering the ones that you love.

Day 16

Today’s challenge

Breathe deeply throughout the day. Notice the effect it has on your day.

Day 17

Today’s challenge

Look in the mirror and say something nice to yourself.

Day 18

Today’s challenge

Do something lovely for yourself. Paint your nails, read, write, paint.

Day 19

Today’s challenge

Smile as much as you can. Even if you don’t feel like it. Watch how it affects your mood.

Day 20

Today’s challenge

Take time out by the tree and remember a Happy Christmas moment as a child.

Day 21

Todays challenge

Sit for a few moments and send peace and love to those who need it. Feel grateful for your life.<

Day 22

Today’s challenge

Take time to notice and enjoy all the Christmas smells today.

Day 23

Today’s challenge

Dance to your favourite Christmas tunes on the radio.

Day 24

Today’s challenge

Keep stopping. Close your eyes for a moment and feel the Christmas joy and peace inside. Have a mindful Christmas.