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be calm and confident in all times

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Revision Tool 

Simple techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed.

Exams are incredibly stressful. Here is a simple technique that you might like to use to help you stay calm and relaxed whilst alert and ready to learn.

It can also increase your learning ability and help you memorise your work. It can also help relieve exam nerves before the exam and is also great for headaches and releasing tension.

The Learning State

1 Familiarise yourself with the room in which you are in. Look around it and notice a few details,  colours, shapes, objects.

2 Close your eyes and just relax. Try to empty your mind of everything for a few seconds. You know that you can pick it up later when you need it.

3 Now open your eyes and find a spot on the wall or in front just above eye level and direct your complete attention on that spot. Focus on the spot for around 5-10 seconds before expanding your focus to the periphery whilst keeping your eyes still.

4 Relax your jaw and continue to expand your vision. Become aware of the sounds in the room and feel your body against the chair. Become aware of how your relaxed your body feels and how still your mind is.

5  Imagine stepping out of your body and being able to see the whole room. Stay in this relaxed state for as long as you wish until you are ready to continue with your study.

This is the Learning State. Your awareness is heightened and you are ready to memorise and improve your study. Try to stay in the Learning State as you continue your study.