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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Relax KidsFeedback from teachers and professionals around the globe

‘Wow! I bought these Relax Kids audios to try with a class of lovely (but noisy) children. They work! It’s such a good way to chill out.’ – Kylie Rowley, Teacher

‘In more than 20 years of education, I have yet to see anything quite like this. Teachers and parents say that the activities have brought back the joy of working and living with children. It really does make a difference in the lives of those who participate. Children are less hyperactive, therefore calmer, kinder, and more focused.’ – Beverley Crooks, Ofsted inspector

‘Relax Kids resources are in my opinion the best in the world.’ – Dr Neil Hawkes Education Consultant Values in Education 

‘A must for every classroom! – Peter Blair, PE teacher

‘Relax Kids is an easy route to helping children relax and feel calm. I recommend Relax Kids meditations to families across the globe.’ – Dr Julia Ronder Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist

‘I wholeheartedly support the work of Relax Kids in helping children think more positively. In many ways the techniques are like adult mindfulness, yet simplified for children. There is much evidence to show how using a relaxed state to focus on positive thought is hugely beneficial.’ – Dr Andrew Mayers, Psychologist and children’s sleep expert

‘As a Local Authority teacher for mental health I wholeheartedly recommend Relax Kids to all schools I work with. Individual children and whole classes love to use the exercises and resources, which provide them with a great sense of emotional wellbeing’.  – John Fardon – Mental Health Teacher Northamptonshire

‘Relax Kids is a wonderful resource that will have a positive effect on children and families using these meditations. Often children with anxieties feel stuck or unable to find a pathway out of the challenging situation that they are facing. Like a good map to navigate stress and anxiety, Relax Kids resources can help young people problem-solve their way out of life’s challenges.’ – Kevin Baskerville – Leicestershire Autism Outreach Service (IS) Manager

‘Relax Kids is one of the few resources that I use both at home with my children and at work with young people suffering from chronic physical health problems and pain. The multi-sensory visualisations give children and young people their own ‘tool box’ of relaxation skills to help them negotiate what is becoming an ever -uncertain world. Relax Kids books are invaluable at helping to build our children’s resilience.’ – Dr Fin Williams – Paediatric Clinical Psychologist

 ‘Thank you, Relax Kids, for making a huge difference to our whole school! Not only do we have ‘Relaxed Kids’, we also have relaxed teachers and enthused, relaxed parents! Items that you have produced have helped our children to become calm, which in turn has helped to improve their concentration skills and social skills.’ – Nikki Wellings

‘I work in a mainstream primary school and had been holding some relaxation sessions with the Year 6 children prior to their SATs when a boy that is severely affected by autism wanted to know what I was doing when the ‘pink paper’ was up. I covered the door window with pink paper during the relaxation sessions for privacy. I left the room set up, i.e., with soft music playing and cushions on the floor, and he came into the room to look around and laid himself down on one of the cushions. I talked him through tensing and then relaxing the body, and he just became still, something he finds very difficult to do usually. The extraordinary effect it had on him was both amazing and humbling to watch. A relaxing time was then built into his school day.’ – Julie Mumby

‘I have recently started using the Relax Kids audio in my classroom to help my children who have emotional and behavioural difficulties relax and calm down. I have combined it with some positive suggestions and muscle relaxation exercises with amazing results.’ – Lea

‘I have been using Relax Kids for two years now in my classes. It is fantastic for the children. Not only does it help the children to relax, they also help the children to visualise and use their imaginations. Children really focus on listening to what is being said. My children love all the different types of CDs in the classes. The children come out of their relaxation calmly and then realise that they have a little energy from the rest.’ – Teacher

‘I have always recommended Relax Kids to other schools and mothers who complain that their children have problems sleeping at night.’ – Caroline Garland

‘I currently use Relax Kids in my classroom, and my colleagues would also like to start using the techniques after seeing the amazing results.’ – Suzanna Cook

‘The children I have been recently teaching have wholly embraced ‘Relax Kids’. Whenever a new audio arrived, or indeed, the ‘Star’ cards, it was just like Christmas for them. I have never experienced such enthusiasm or anticipation in the classroom for a new resource. You may have to wake two of them first, though, as they do have a habit of falling asleep during your fabulous meditations!’ – Claire Banks

‘After spending many fruitless hours searching for the perfect music to end a PHSE lesson , I discovered ‘Relax Kids’ CDs.

I work with 10- to 11-year-olds who relish in the pre-pubescent ‘Top of the School’ syndrome, pushing boundaries and unable to be still in the moment. Ha, until now!! Two children ‘nodded off’ in this week’s lesson whilst listening to Relax Kids.’ – Mandy Hicks.

‘At registration time, they ask if we can have our relaxation time. My class was known to be challenging when I took it nine months ago. You wouldn’t think about seeing them all lying down and listening during the session. My morning TA witnessed one of our sessions (we usually have the session in the afternoon), and she was utterly amazed at the children’s response (and she isn’t usually phased or surprised by anything).’ – Karen

‘I am a teacher, and I Relax Kids almost every day with 5, 6, and 7 year olds and the dinner ladies in our school have even borrowed the audios to use at the end of lunchtime so that the children visualise and relax instead of ‘the usual lining up’. We have found them to be very effective. (for the children AND the adults) I have recommended them to a couple of parents who have found them invaluable.’ – Julie

‘I have been using Relax Kids with my class of 4-year-olds. We use them on a Friday afternoon straight after lunch. The children love them, and I really look forward to it, and it results in a lovely calm. Friday afternoon

(a rare thing in a reception class!!!).

– Tessa Best

‘I use I use Relax Kids with my class of Year 2 children every day after lunch for 5 minutes. It gets rid of all the red faces and clams them down, ready for a lovely afternoon of work!’ – Deborah Ellison

‘I took the Relax Kids audio into my classroom as I have a fairly challenging class. The children really enjoyed listening to it and requested it every day. I will now be responsible for the inclusion of children, and I have been told that I can incorporate Relax Kids into my daily work with this group of children since it has worked well in my classroom. I have also been using the mood cards, and the children in my class ask for them every morning. It has become part of the routine, and we refer to them throughout the day. Thank you for such a wonderful resource.’ – Sharan Varma

‘I am a Year 6 teacher at Harborough C of E Primary. I used Relax Kids with my class during the weeks leading up to their SAT tests in May. They each bought a pillow and laid down in the hall. All but 2 boys enjoyed it and looked forward to our sessions. Some even fell asleep! I will definitely do some more relaxation sessions next year with my new class.’ – Julie Guiver

‘I use all the Relax Kids resources. The children absolutely love it. The Star Cards give them such a buzz, constantly reminding them how special they are. Books and audios open up their minds and keep them calm and relaxed.

Quotes from children that attend my class…

“I enjoy the relaxation that we do at the start and end of every lesson. I find it a great way to calm down and relax after a busy and hectic week.”

“I felt really relaxed when I had Saturdays all week, and then yoga calmed me down at the end of the week.”’

– Jacqueline Whyte

‘The children are loving our relaxation time. At registration time, they ask if we can have our relaxation time. My class was known to be challenging when I took it nine months ago. You wouldn’t think about seeing them all lying down and listening during the session. My morning TA witnessed one of our sessions (we usually have the session in the afternoon), and she was utterly amazed at the children’s response (and she isn’t usually phased or surprised by anything).’ – Karen Behavior Support Team

‘I work on the Behaviour Improvement Team and as a SEAL consultant for the LA. I have used Relax Kids in Circle Time for classes and schools and in training for teachers. I find that children and staff welcome ideas for relaxation and dealing with the stresses of life. The feedback is that this improves the class atmosphere; children learn skills to manage calmness; and learning is improved.’ – Helen Wright

‘I am a teacher of emotional and children and have used your CDs to help the children when we do relaxation in class. A few of my colleagues have also used them and find them very useful.’ – Deb Kirkby Nurture Groups

‘I work in a school and do meditation nurture groups for specialist children with challenging behaviour. It is amazing to see the turnaround in some kids when they walk into a dimmed room with soft lighting, cushions, incense, a candle burning, and Relax Kids in the background. They immediately have a calming effect, and we have used your yoga for kids methods to discuss certain issues. I always use a visualisation from your books to complement the sessions. Outstanding and impressive results. – Leastra Charles

‘I run nurturing groups for children aged between 7 and 11 years. The children who attend my groups are often very much in need of some TLC, and many have behaviour problems. At the end of every session, I use Relax Kids to calm the children down before I return them to their classes. The children absolutely love doing their relaxation and many often stick to their heads around my door and ask if they can come and “do the sleeping thing” at random times during the day. I have found that the children with the ones with the worst behaviour problems are the ones that are able to relax the most and they seem to get the most enjoyment from participating in the sessions. Sometimes I have to play two tracks, as it can take them the length of the first track to calm down and listen.’ Mel Harris

‘I am a nurture group leader within a primary school. I support young children with emotional, social, and behavioural difficulties. These children often have low self-esteem. I use the Star Cards to promote their self-esteem; it works! The children love to choose a Star Card, which they carry around with them for the day. They confidently tell their peers, ‘I am…’. The Star Cards help them to believe in themselves, which is lovely to observe. It is almost like they are carrying a security blanket around with them. This helps to remove barriers to learning, as these children are not always in a place where they are able to access the curriculum.  There are times when a child will actually come into the room and request that we put a relaxation audio on because they recognise that they are feeling out of sorts.’ – Julie Hurst

‘I use Relax Kids with an anger and emotional wellbeing boys group that I run. The boys listened to 3 or 4 at a time and afterwards found themselves to be calm, relaxed, and said, “They felt like floating.” Teachers commented on the difference, and the boys asked for copies so that they could listen to them at home themselves. A wonderful product.’ –– Emma Deans

‘As a mother (1 and 6 years old) and a PSHE regional adviser (ex-Healthy Schools line manager and ex-teacher), I looked with interest at your products, training, magazine, and very professionally designed website. I wish you every success in spreading the word. Our children do need to learn to relax, and I have been delighted with SEAL as an approach that encourages schools to look into this whole area more seriously. I think you have a robust business model there too!’ – Jayne Wright Lead Regional Subject Adviser for PSHE Education in the Eastern Region

Find out more about Relax Kids training courses for your organisation

Find out more about Relax Kids training courses for your school