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Relax Kids on the Beach

Read what happened when Relax Kids, North Tyneside, tried something a little different…

Angela and Louise, from Relax Kids North Tyneside, fancied trying something a little different for their summer holiday classes. They decided to offer some relaxing morning classes on the beach down on King Edwards Bay, in Tyne mouth. Unsurprisingly, these booked up fast!

The mums were sold on the invitation to ‘pull up a deckchair, grab a coffee and watch as we teach your little one the art of relaxation’.

Luckily the sun shone down whilst Louise and Angela were able to use these beautiful surroundings for some lovely mindful moments with the children. Feeling the warm sun on their faces, the cool breeze blowing gently in their hair and the sand beneath their fingers. This, coupled with a heap of fun made it the perfect Relax Kids location for sunny days!

The children from the first session enjoyed it so much that most of them rebooked for the second one to do it all over again!

Angela and Louise’s most memorable highlights were – ‘the sunshine, holding hands with the children and shouting we are awesome as we jumped over waves and our visit from a beautiful little white butterfly, who fluttered down into our group and stayed for the relaxation at the end!’