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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Relax Kids Coach Job Description

Would you like to be a Relax Kids coach and teach Relax Kids coach and SIMPLE, MAGICAL classes that help children feel more CALM and CONFIDENT kids in these chaotic times?

ARE YOU READY to work with the UK’s FIRST and BEST (founded in 2000) company to offer self-regulation tools and techniques to help children manage anxiety and emotional issues?

Do you want to help support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people with our unique 7-step classes?

Do you want to join an organisation that has trained over 6,000 talented people to start their children’s wellbeing businesses?

• We’ve done all the hard work

• We have top quality products and services for children

• We just need you!

* Reasons Why We’re An Amazing Organisation To Join *

1. We’ve over 25 experience offering Relax Kids classes. 

2. Our classes are Award-winning and life-changing 

3. We offer you a flexible lifestyle doing something you love

4. We offer a low cost entry 

5. We give you a programme of classes that is flexible and versatile with endless possibilities 

PLUS: we actually help hundreds of coaches start their wellbeing businesses, realise their dreams, create the life they deserve for their families – and we LOVE that we’re helping change lives and communities.

* Is being a Relax Kids coach the GREATEST job in the entire WORLD?! *

probably…maybe…our coaches tell us it is.

And here’s why:

We’ve been doing what we do for over 20 years. And what we do is give people who are passionate about children’s wellbeing everything they need to set up a business running classes for children.

Our classes are brilliant. Children love them. Parents and teachers are impressed with the results.

And for the RIGHT PERSON, the classes are a just such a joy to run!

We’ve created all the theme packs, lesson plans and social media/marketing packs.

We’ve built up a strong brand and reputation as well as a powerful community of dedicated coaches who can help and inspire you on your journey.

The Perfect Relax Kids Coach Candidate Will Tick The Boxes Below:

• You’ll be a people person (and love children)

• You’ll be willing to work hard and love variety

• You’ll be comfortable working alone but also a great team player

• You’ll have read this job description and thought “OMG this is the job for me!!”

• You’ll be self-motivated, dedicated and passionate

• You’ll be reliable and hard-working

• PLUS: you definitely WON’T be a complete technophobe! (You’ll need to know your way around a computer and work the printer)

Want to know more?
Just ask!

Reply to this email or book in a call with me. https://relaxkids.com/training/chat-with-marneta/

Your Next Step:
If you’re ready to be part of something extraordinary – Apply to be a Relax Kids Coach and join our cohort training today!

And get ready to change your life! 🙂