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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Protector of Calm

Message to all our Relax Parents – Be a Protector of Calm

In this unstable time, please try not to buy into the fear and anxiety.

Your children will pick up on your jangled nervous system, so try to manage your energy by listening to soothing music and focussing on your breathing.

Stay present
Limit your time on social media
Ignore things that upset you
Spend less time with people who are stressing
and try not to get involved in group chats based on fear and anxiety

Fear and anxiety weaken your immune system and that is the last thing you want

Pause regularly – do something lovely and read something positive

This time is making us focus on the PRESENT even more and more because no-one knows what is in the future.

Help children not move into fear and anxiety by staying present. It takes practise but it is possible Focus on your mindset

We will be OK