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Pancake Day – 13th Feb 2024

Pancake Day is a wonderful family tradition.

Pancake day is here – but whether you are opting for home made treats or shop bought batter, get stuck in and enjoy this great day! Traditionally Shrove Tuesday was the beginning of lent – where you use up your flour, eggs and butter. It is now widely celebrated all over the world, with other countries favouring more savoury fillings – including chickpeas, salmon, curry, salad and more!

Pancake day doesn’t have to be an unhealthy one. You can still use it as an opportunity to give your kids 1 of their 5 a day. I love bananas and chopped nuts with my pancakes, but other options could include warm apple and cinnamon, tinned fruits, dried fruits with a big blob of natural yoghurt or for the chocoholics amongst you, Nutella is a fab way of getting that cocoa fix and some of your calcium for the day!

Have fun! And good luck to the competitors of the Olney Pancake Race in Buckinghamshire! It’s great to see that the tradition lives on!