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New Year Dream Board

Activities to celebrate the last year and bring in the New Year.

It is an exciting time of year when we have the opportunity to ponder the last year and think about all the wonderful things we want to achieve this year.

Here are some ideas and activities you might like to try with all the family or class.

1 New Year Hopes and Dreams

Ask everyone to write down all their hopes and dreams and wishes for 2024. You might like to put them away with the xmas decorations and bring them out and read them next Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. If you are in school, you could hand them to the next form teacher to read out to the children at the end of the Winter term.

2 Make a Dream board.

Vision boards are made by sticking pictures and words on a paper or cardboard. Each word or picture represents that person’s goals for that year. Get everyone a big piece of paper or card and ask them to make a vision board or picture for 2012.  They can cut out pictures and words from magazines and newspapers. Encourage children to add things that don’t require money such as love, friendship, happiness. You could make a vision board for the whole class or family.

3  Happy Parcel

Make some cards with some questions written on each one.  Here are some suggestions.

What was your proudest moment in 2023

What was your happiness moment in 2023

What was your greatest achievement in 2023

Who helped you the most in 2023

What is your greatest memory from 2023

Wrap up a pass the parcel and put the cards in between each layer.

4  Quiet Reflections

Spend a few moments together reflecting on the last year and having some fantastic positive thoughts and dreams for the new year.