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Lose Yourself In Your Own Adventures

Before going to bed, you want to be able to switch off and be calm, in order to get the perfect nights sleep. If you are restless and have things playing on your mind, you’re not going to get a good quality rest.

And our book – ‘The Dream Machine’ can help us settle down for the night. With 100,000 combinations of story meditation, there are so many journeys to get yourself lost in. You can choose from a number of portals, such as the yellow haze, the green smoke, the purple sky and blue glass, just to name a few.

From there, you can take your magic carpet to beautiful destinations such as the woods of enchantment, whispering grasslands, the rainbow waterfall or the sleepy stream, where you can allow yourself to feel the warmth of the sun and let yourself completely relax.

Going on your own unique adventure will allow all your thoughts to float through your mind, letting you feel calm and quiet.

If you want to pick up a copy of ‘The Dream Machine’, https://relaxkids.com/product/dream-machine/