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Living happily ever after

and mindfully ever present

As a child, did you love listening to and reading fairy stories? Despite their dark undertones, fairytales gave us a feeling of safety and security as we heard stories of witches, goblins, giants and trolls. Do you remember being drawn to the concept of living happily ever after. Cinderella skipped off in her glass slippers with her prince, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty awoke with one kiss while the Beast and frog turned into beautiful princes.

We long for that world where we can be truly happy, feel deeply loved and understood, be at peace and have all our wishes and dreams fulfilled.

However, if we take time to stop, we might just be able to notice that we can choose to be happy now in this moment. We can bring that feeling of happily ever after to the present rather than wishing, hoping and wanting it for the future.

Moments of mindfulness can bring that sense of peace and happiness to the present. When we become aware of our breathing, we get a deeper sense of the wonder and beauty of being alive. Mindfulness breathes life into our life, where we awaken like Sleeping Beauty from a slumber. Mindfulness allows us to walk on this earth, being aware of every step and sensation. Even without glass slippers, each step can be one filled with joy. Mindfulness allows us to stop, smell the roses and bite into and enjoy a rosy red apple.

May we all live happily ever present!