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Keep the Doctor Away!

A Dose of Relax Kids A Day Can Keep The Doctor Away

The long winter months result in most of us catching some sort of acute illness and schools can be a common breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This can be a miserable time for parents and children, whose immune systems often take a beating.

For parents who are concerned about their child’s health, they can focus on boosting their child’s immune system by combining something as simple as relaxation and a healthy eating plan. Relaxation and simple stretches have been proven to help strengthen and balance the immune system – and is lots of fun for children too!

Relax Kids offers children and parents an easy – and magical – way to rest and relax whilst building up a strong immune system. When children meditate and listen to https://relaxkids.com/store/product-category/mp3s/fairytale/ they go into a state of peace and calm. They experience positive feelings, which causes them to release natural endorphins, which can help build the immune system, Believe and Achieve is perfect for this! https://relaxkids.com/product/believe-and-achieve/ 

Blocked sinuses, headaches, and sore eyes are all caused by the mucus-producing process within the immune system, which attacks the innocuous invaders. Through relaxation, the nervous system can tell the immune system to settle down and stop attacking these foreign bodies. When the immune system backs off, inflammation and mucus decrease and symptoms diminish. Relaxing the nervous system has been shown to help direct the immune system to attack the viruses and bacteria that increase in colder weather.

Colds are caused by bacteria and affect the upper respiratory system, causing stuffiness, coughing, sore throat and the other common symptoms. If the immune system is weak, the bacteria can penetrate the lungs and may cause bronchitis or pneumonia. If children are given the opportunity to totally relax their bodies – and therefore their immune systems – they will be armed with such a powerful tool that they can use throughout their lives.