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Is your child’s bedroom relaxing?

Creating a calming bedroom

Encourage them to make suggestions to make it even more comfortable and relaxing. Children love newness and will love helping rearrange their room. It can be a lovely chance to spend quality time with them and find out what they love.

Here are a few suggestions.

1 – Keep TV and videos out of the room. Although it maybe tempting to let children fall asleep watching a program, it actually is stimulating and can cause more sleep problems.

2 – Keep the colour scheme soft and relaxing

3 – Play relaxing music in the evening and soften the lighting.

4 – Create a relax area – just a cushion will do – a place where children can sit back, reflect and chill out.

5 – Buy some new sheets that bring newness to the room, or dye some existing ones.

6 – Try painting a simple mural on one section of the wall.