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💜 Congratulations Ivančica Tarade 💜

I am Ivančica Tarade, Relax kids coach from Zagreb, Croatia.

For the last six years this amazing programme changed my life and helped me to become a more conscious person, more patient mother and coach.

I became an entrepreneur, the owner of Dragonfly (www.dragonfly.hr). That gave me more freedom in life, more time to play with my own children and I enjoy it very much.

I teach Relax kids classes in four towns – Zagreb, Sesvete, Zaprešić and Kastav (little town on the Adriatic sea) and I promote mindfulness to colleagues in kindergartens and schools.

Last year I started Relax kids classes in one primary school in Zagreb, because I believe that mindfulness should be part of the school programme in Croatia. As well as children, I have group classes for adults and individual classes.

Some children have been taking my classes for several years, so we “grow“ together sharing feelings, learning how to preserve our mental health in this chaotic world and we explore their potential.

Last year I organized my first Relax Kids summer camp for one group of children in Zagreb. We spent all week together visiting museums, playing in the parks, having meditation and creative workshops, we even climbed a local mountain.

One day we wrote positive messages on the Post It notes and the children gave the notes randomly to the people in town during our walk in the center of Zagreb.

It was really interesting experience for all, because some people were very grateful and touched when they read it, and some of them were “afraid“ that children are asking for money or something.

I am wishing you all the best in this adventure of life!

FB and IG: Relax kids 4All

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