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How to practice mindful walking

Quick tips to bring calm to your step

Life is so busy for most of us and we often don’t have time to relax.  Mindful walking is a great way to de-stress while doing something that we all do.  

Mindful walking allows us to feel calm and in control again even for just a few moments.  It’s a great way to take time out without the pressure of sitting still and meditating.

You may like to make a special time to do your mindful walk in the morning or evening or just incorporate it into your daily walk to the shops or work.  If you have a dog, you might like to try some mindful walking as part of your daily dog walk.  This is a great exercise to teach children.

1 As you walk, become aware of your breathing.  Continue to breathe in and out steadily.

2 Be aware of how your feet touch the ground.  Notice what part of your foot touches the ground first and how it feels as it touches and leaves the ground.  

3 Become aware of your legs and hips as you move.  Do you feel any tension?

4  Become aware of your arms swinging as you walk.

5 Notice how the air feels against your skin.

6 Be aware of the colours and shapes around you.

7 Become aware of the smells around you as you walk.

8 Continue to be aware of your breathing and every sensation in your body as you walk.

The Relax Kids Nature audio gives children a chance to experience nature at home.

It brings the quiet of nature inside children’s heads and is like Forest bathing for the mind that gives all the healthy benefits without even needing to put on their coats!

The Nature audio includes 16 calming nature relaxation that help soothe anxieties and calm the nerves.
Examples include: lying in the soft grass, sitting in a peaceful cave and flying like a bird. These relaxations aim to develop confidence and creativity.

The Nature audio is the ultimate endorphin kick and immunity boost. The tracks on this audio will help children feel amazing, by releasing the same positive endorphins as a trip to the sea side, while teaching them important relaxation techniques that will help them manage their emotions as they journey through life.

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They include 16 calming nature relaxation that help soothe anxieties and calm the nerves.