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How to help Dads make the most out of Bedtime 

69 percent of all men work overtime

In this tough economic climate, with more and more pressure on those in employment to over perform, many families are having to work extra hours.

A busy work schedule can mean missing important quality time with your children. Particularly with younger children who have earlier bedtimes, working late often means that children are just going to bed as you get home. 

Unfortunately, it is often Dad who is missing out on time spent with the kids. One recent study has found that 69 percent of all men work overtime, compared to 42 percent of women (The Economic Times)

Get Dad to read a Bedtime Story!

If Dad does find himself working overtime, getting him to read children their bedtime story when he gets in is a great way to make sure he’s not missing out on quality time with the children.

Not only is getting Dad to read a bedtime story to your child is a fantastic way to help him relax at the end of a stressful day by snuggling up and listening to Dad’s voice, your child will feel safe and protected.

Bedtime stories are also very child-centred, which allows for a warm and positive interaction between parent and child.

Listening to stories will stimulate your child’s imagination and even enhance their vocabulary. As well as spending quality time together, you are developing your child’s interest in reading, learning and books. Children who are regularly read to, often perform better in school. Our beautiful https://relaxkids.com/product/aladdins-magic-carpet/  Aladdins Magic Carpet  book is perfect for reading at bedtime and includes 52 familiar fairytales transformed into meditations and relaxations.

This book is designed to introduce children to simple relaxation and stress-management techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation and visual imagery. These techniques are intertwined with popular fairytales, so that children imagine themselves as Aladdin floating on a carpet, Jack climbing the beanstalk and floating in the clouds, the little mermaid swimming in the ocean and many more.

Each story is only 4-5 minutes, leaving plenty of time for bedtime cuddles!

Finish your story with a bedtime cuddle

 There is nothing better than a bedtime cuddle. Many studies have shown that warmth in a parent-child relationship is strongly related to a child’s self-esteem. The more a child feels parental warmth and affection and communication, the fewer psychological and behavioural problems they will have.

Touch is a powerful way of demonstrating love and you may even want to try incorporating a daily massage into your bedtime routine. Try stroking your child’s forehead gently or massaging their palms lightly with your thumb. Both exercises are simple and a great way to get children relaxed and ready to sleep, while helping them feel loved and feel closer to you.