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How to have fun and relax this Christmas

Christmas party games for all!

Christmas can be so much fun as it is the one time where everyone gets together. Children love party games, so you might like to make your Christmas day into a real party.Instead of turning on the TV this Christmas, keep the festive spirit with some fun family games that will keep everyone laughing and releasing those all important endorphins.

Christmas Pass the Parcel –  Wrap a small gift with lots of wrappers and have a sweet or forfeit in between each layer. You could have forfeits such as: Give grandma a big hug and a kiss. Say the alphabet backwards.  Talk about Christmas for 30 seconds. Sing a Christmas song. Name Santas 8 reindeers. Hop around the circle. Bark like a dog to the tune of Jingle Bells. Be inventive!!

Pin the Carrot on the Snowman – Draw a big picture of a snowman and get everyone in turn to put the carrot nose on the snowman. Don’t forget that they have to be blindfolded.

Christmas A-Z – One person starts the game saying a Christmassy word beginning with the letter A, and the next person B and the next person C and so on until someone can’t think of anything. i.e. Advent, Baubles, Christmas cake etc

Guess who I am? – Under everyones plate, place cards with the name of a famous person or Christmas character written on it. The person sitting to the side of that person will stick the card with tape to that persons forehead making sure they don’t see the name. Everyone else but the person who is wearing the card can see the name. Everyone asks each other questions to see if they can guess who they are. 

Hum a Tune – Give everyone sitting round the Christmas dinner table a Christmas Carol or song. They then have to hum the tune to that song/carol for others to guess. This game is always lots of fun.

Christmas Stories – One person starts the game off by making up a story about Christmas and stop after two or three sentences. The person sitting next to them has to continue the story and so on.

Christmas I Spy – Everyone loves I spy! Why not play Christmas I Spy and list things related to Christmas.

The Big Wrap – Wrap up a present with lots of wrappers and make it as hard as possible to unwrap. Each person rolls the dice. When a person gets a 6, they put on gloves and try and unwrap the present until someone else gets a 6 and takes the gloves and starts to unwrap the present. The person who unwraps the final layer wins the present.