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Wellbeing resources and training to support anxious children and their families

How to combat the stress of bullies

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

It’s anti bullying week‚ help us combat the stress that bullies bring by learning to unwind.

Relaxation strategies such as breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, positive affirmations, body scans and visual imagery have been shown to be extremely effective treatment components for reducing stress and anxiety in children and young people.

These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety, tension, exam nerves and worries.

Regular listening to our Relax and Destress album can allow the child to focus attention, improve concentration skills and feel more in control.

Tracks include: Chill out‚ become aware and loosen up, which will help empower children and take a step back from events and happenings in their lives that may be difficult to talk about. This album also helps children boost their ability to focus and concentrate and deal with stress and manage their anger and anxieties.

CLICK HERE FOR: Relax and De-Stress CD
CLICK HERE FOR: Relax and De-Stress MP3

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