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How can I relieve my stress?

20 ways to help you cope with your stress.

Here are 20 ways to help you cope with your stress.

1. Clutter clear – when your house is tidy and you know where everything is, you feel freer and more together.

2. Try and get up 15 mins early and take a few breaths while you prepare yourself for the day.

3. Spend some time each day doing absolutely nothing. Just relax and BE. 

4. Make a list of what you want to do each day and enjoy crossing them off.

5. Say thank you for everything that happens – good and bad.

6. If you have to wait in a queue, have something to do or use it as your day dreaming time.

7. Manage your time so you arrive early and give yourself time to breathe.

8. After a long day, have a warm soak and enjoy some quiet time.

9. Laugh, Cuddle and Smile – lots! Stop what you are doing and just dance!

10. Make sure you get enough sleep even if it means you miss out on a night out.

11. Do something lovely for someone else – do something that makes you feel valued.

12. Do something that makes you feel alive.

13. Take a walk if it all gets too much.

14. Keep a diary and write down all your thoughts and feelings.

15. If you are sitting for long periods, make sure you get up and stretch.

16. Take up a yoga, meditation or dance class.

17. Spend time with positive and loving friends and family.

18. Give and receive a relaxing massage.

19. Doodle, day dream, pray, or meditate

20. Make every moment special and appreciate the little things in life

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