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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

How can I get my child to sleep?

Solve your child’s sleeping problems

Does your child have sleeping problems?

Does your suffer from nightmares/ night terrors?

Does your child make bedtime stressful?

Are sleeping problems causing you and your child to feel tired and cranky?

Would you like to help your child overcome their sleeping problems?

Would you like to help your child overcome their fear of the dark?

Would you like to help your child improve their sleeping pattern?

Would you like to help your child to feel rested and happy in the mornings?

Would you like to give your child the skills to wind down at night and sleep peacefully?

When your child struggles with bedtimes, they may be suffering from anxiety, fear of the dark, nightmares, or hyperactivity. Relax Kids has launched a CALM PACK – https://relaxkids.com/wp-content/uploads/calm-pack-free.pdf 

Studies show that early intervention in disruptive sleeping habits and sleeping problems could lead to significant health benefits in later life (Baglioni et al, 2011).

The Calm Pack will help your whole family have better bedtimes and better mornings. Researchers have found that children who regularly have a good night’s sleep are likely to be happier in later life than those who don’t (Baglioni et al, 2011).