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Here is a Wizardy relaxation perfect for this Halloween! 

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are standing in front of a pot. You are surrounded by all sorts of bottles and potions. You are making a potion to help you relax and be peaceful. Take some of the bottles and trickle some of the liquids and sprinkle some of the powders into the bubbling pot. You can see beautiful blue smoke coming out of the huge pot, and you know that your peace spell is nearly ready: just a dash of this and a sprinkle of that. When you have added all your secret ingredients, take a big spoon and sip just a drop of the powerful liquid. It tastes so sweet and feels cool on the tongue. Instantly your whole mouth starts to relax. The beautiful feeling of peace starts to spread all over your cheeks and forehead.

Your eyes start to feel deliciously heavy and relaxed. Your neck also feels relaxed and peaceful. This must be a strong and powerful potion, as the feeling of peace is spreading fast into every cell and organ of your body. Your heart feels calm and peaceful. You can feel your heartbeats getting slower. Your lungs feel peaceful as your breathing slows down and becomes soft. Your tummy relaxes completely and becomes peaceful. Your arms and legs also become peaceful as the strong spell takes effect.

Soon you are covered in a glow of soft peace. The feeling of peace has affected you so deeply. It feels as if you are in a blue bubble of peace. You feel so calm and so silent. It feels lovely to be peaceful. Stay there for as long as you can and enjoy the spell of peace. Repeat to yourself in your mind, “I am relaxed, I am relaxed, I am relaxed, I am relaxed”. Breathe in. Breathe out. You feel calm and relaxed.

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