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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health


Have you found that group of people that you feel so comfortable with, who have the same beliefs and values as you and you feel totally and utterly supported by?

By becoming a coach, you will be joining a tribe of over 4000 coaches from 46 countries who are there to help and support you. As a coach you join our online coaches forum where you can receive support from all over the world by members of our purple tribe.

I have been using Relax kids CDs and books with my children for years and absolutely love them. They have had such an amazing and positive affect on us all. I am so excited to be a coach and embark on this wonderful journey. I know I am making such a difference to my family and others.   Liz

As a coach, you would have access to one of our greatest assets – the incredible tribe of dedicated coaches who are all working towards the same goal; promoting relaxation, spreading self love and building self esteem.

As part of our purple tribe your heart will be full of passion, your mind will be overflowing with ideas and you will be empowered to take control of your destiny.

The RK franchise is so much more than a training, it is the unique opportunity to find your tribe – your soul family and some purple friends who will be there for you.

Join the Purple Tribe here https://relaxkids.com/training/book_now/relax-kids-training-dates/

If you are interested in joining the Relax Kids tribe and would like to book a clarity call with us, please book on here – https://relaxkids.com/training/chat-with-marneta/