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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Give your child tools for life

It is so important that children are given the chance to switch off completely.

Send your child to a fun weekly class where they learn skills for life!

Our classes incorporate the unique 7-step system devised by Marneta Viegas – founder of Relax Kids.  

The system takes children from a high energy to a low energy where they are able to lie down on the floor and completely let go and relax.  

Parents are always amazed that it really does work!

Sessions include movement and dance, fun and relaxation games, stretching, peer massage, breathing, affirmations and visualisations.

Each week, children go on a magical adventure which engages their mind as well as body.  

Although they are learning valuable relaxation skills, the key focus is on having fun whilst calming down.

‘My Mum said It was the best thing ever to send me to relax Kids.’  Belinda Age 7

‘It makes me feel as if I am floating on a cloud.’ Georgie Age 6

Sign your child up for one of our magical classes today!