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Free Christmas Cheques

Give the gift of your LOVE this Christmas. 

This year, my sister and brother in law gave me a gift that was worth more than anything to me – the gift of their time. 
I had a gift cheque offering me 341 mins of Handy Andy time to help in the house and garden.
(There was a tea and biscuits stipulation) I also got a breakfast and lunch cheque.

They meant more to me than any gift off a shelf as it felt like real love and care. 

We have made some FREE fun Christmas cheques for you to give to your family and friends this year instead of or as well as a bought gift. It is also a great way to teach children the value of time and energy over money and commercialism. Think about what the recipient really needs the most. 

“The cheques were fantastic really good for my daughter getting involved to help out and do things for other people” – Jenny Davison

Here are some gift ideas: 
• Hand massage Back rub
• Coffee 
• Homemade dinner
• Breakfast in bed
• Cleaning or ironing
• Gardening

So try it – I’m sure they will love it too. I can’t wait to cash in my Handy Andy hours. 

Download your FREE CHEQUES here.