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Wellbeing resources and training to support anxious children and their families

Featured Coach – Mandy Worsley

Mandy found her life purpose as The Calm Consultant

After working for 26 years as a paediatric nurse in the NHS, Mandy became self-employed as a well-being specialist working with children and families.

Mandy has collected all the jigsaw pieces of her life’s work and put them together to create a beautiful package for families with her company Mini Minds Matter and has her book and Pod Cast launching this year so she can reach even more families around the world.

Mandy trained as a Relax Kids coach, Baby Mindful coach ChargeUp coach and Parent coach as well as having additional qualifications in holistic health practices including fertility. 

Over the past 5 years she has worked in local primary schools, nurseries, private 1-2-1 work with families and referrals from local adoption teams. This work and the need for support has increased during the Covid pandemic and I have been able to take her Relax Kids work online. 

My life purpose is to help children understand their brain and body connections so they can be in control of their emotional and physical health. I work mainly with children and families who have experienced the care system. I am an adoptive parent (15 years 2 kids now age 16 and 14) baby foster carer, current baby 10 months old. I have worked closely with an adoption charity for 12 years, local authorities in the north west for 10 years and currently Barnardos as Vice Chair on the adoption panel.

Since leaving the NHS 5 years ago I have been able to pursue my life purpose with the help support and wonderful community of Relax Kids coaches and head office team. 

It’s feels amazing to be doing a job I love as it doesn’t feel like work at all, every day is different and it makes me feel happy to help so many children and make a real lasting difference in their lives. What lead me to leave the NHS after 26 years was a culture of negativity which effected my own mental Heath and I no longer felt a love and passion for the work I was doing as my role from hands on face to face support of children and families had diminished so much and my time was spent in meeting and doing paperwork which did not light up my soul.

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