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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health


Relax Kids New Forest

Cindy White has always been in the field of Early Years, Inclusion, Health and Education. She is passionate about safeguarding and supporting the most vulnerable children in our society. Cindy has also been there to educate parents and to help them feel empowered through post natal, behaviour support, wellbeing, positive parenting, baby massage and domestic abuse courses so they positively impact on their children lives. Cindy trained as a Relax Kids coach in 2012 and trained, this year, as a ChargeUp Coach.

“I wanted to do the Relax Kids training to compliment my role, but sadly my role did not permit it. However, I believe things happen for a reason as my children gained from my training, as I used the 7 steps with them, building it into their routines, when travelling and in times of high anxiety. Life changed unrecognisably 3 years ago for my family and when I was diagnosed, out of the blue, with severe heart failure caused by a virus. I was so poorly I had to give up my role as full time Service Co-ordinator for New Forest Children 39 Centres, which I adored. Ironically, my departure coincided with the closure of Children Centres, in Hampshire. Having time out while trying to adapt to a new life I also had to step back and observe the needs of the community. I decided I still wanted to work as I still had the passion to want to support others. So I made the huge step to go freelance two years ago, and set up Barefoot Wellbeing and Parent Coaching. After a year of coaching parents I had so many parents asking me to work with their children due to low self-esteem, anxiety and anger.

I decided to reinstate my Relax Kids licence and incorporate it into my business model. I have not looked back. I love the impact Relax Kids has on all the children I work with. Every child is on their own individual journey and learning to self regulate. Calm is critical to them all. I love being able to support the next generation in becoming resilient and empowered. Offering a service which I know works. I feel there is a buzz going on these days. When I originally did the training people did not get what Relax Kids did. But now mental health is in, more and more people are open to the Relax Kids approach. Now I am back on my feet and living with my heart condition, my dream is to share the benefits of Relax Kids and ChargeUp with as many young people as I possibly can.