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Do You Find It Difficult Getting To Sleep

We all need sleep, it is really important for our minds and bodies, so we really must try to get as much as we can every night.

How do you feel when you are not getting enough? Most people feel a bit sleepy, but sometimes you can feel the opposite and want to jump around and be really noisy!

It can be very hard to concentrate at school and listen to what people are trying to say. You might find you become very forgetful which means it can be hard to remember things.

Did you know that having not enough sleep can mean you can be ill more often? Sleep can really help our immune system in our bodies fight infections. Our minds need sleep to help us feel more relaxed and to help stop us getting worried and anxious. Our minds need sleep to help us feel more without a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep can also make you very clumsy as it affects your nervous system. Sometimes when we are tired we can either eat too much or too little, so a good night sleep can help us eat the right amount.

If you are struggling to sleep, why not try one of our top ten tips:

Tense your body as tight as you can and relax

Yawn ten times

Imagine you are being rocked like a baby

Give your pillow a big hug

Imagine you are in a boat, rocking from side to side

Stroke your hand gently

Put your hand on your tummy and breathe in and out slowly

Say to yourself ‘I am calm and relaxed, I am calm and relaxed’

Count from 100 to 0 backwards really slowly

Pretend you are so tired and you just can’t stay awake