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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Congratulations to our featured coach – Kath Routledge

“I found RK about 10 years ago after seeing a friend ‘like’ a Relax Kids post. I then downloaded the training pack about 30 times before finally contacting Marneta and asking a million questions!

I work on a self-employed basis in schools and pre-schools/nurseries in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.  One day I might be working with a small group of pre-schoolers, then off to a secondary school to work with Year 10 and then off to a primary school to work with a mixed year 3/4 class.  Another day I might be working with a whole year 5 cohort and then a nursery followed by an after school club. Life is varied but that’s what I love about it.

I love being able to teach children strategies to support their mental health and wellbeing. It’s amazing seeing week on week how they progress and how sessions are helping them.

I’m so much more relaxed as a result of working as a Relax Kids coach. I used to commute to London on daily basis and was often so busy I didn’t have time to think. Now I most definitely practice what I teach!

My best moments as a coach. I was running a session as part of a holiday scheme and one of the members of staff said that she still used the techniques I taught her in year 9 (she is now in her final year of uni!) and secondly when working with a new group of Year R children we were doing the massage part and the children were doing a weather massage on their legs.  We massaged the sun and the rain and I then asked the children if they could think of any other types of weather.  One child put his hand up and said ‘snow is falling’ another put their hand up and started singing ‘all around me’ then another couple of children joined in with ‘children playing, having fun’ then the whole class burst into song!! It was like a little flash mob. You couldn’t have rehearsed that to happen in a million years.

 Best session ever!

It’s hard work being self employed but it’s the best thing I ever did!”

– Kath Routledge https://www.facebook.com/rkbasingstoke @relaxwithkath