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Colour ME

Mindful colouring is good for your child’s brain

Research has shown that mindful colouring can bring a number of benefits for both children and adults. 

A recent 2019 study in University of the West of England looked into the benefits of colouring on the mind. Volunteers were asked to either spend 20 minutes reading or 20 minutes colouring in. They were then asked questions about their mood and mindfulness. The research showed that, compared to reading, colouring reduced higher levels of anxiety, and greater improved mindfulness.

Mindful colouring benefits:

  • Provides a brain break and gives the mind a much needed rest from technology 
  • Helps decrease anxiety and stress and boosts moods
  • Helps improve concentration and help children stay present and focussed in the moment
  • Mindful colouring a great activity that can be done alone or with the whole family
  • There is no doubt mindful colouring helps improve attention and helps children focus on the present as they breathe slowly and deeply

Our new digital colouring book Colour ME encourages children to step into the world of their imagination as they colour.

There are 62 pages of creative colouring activities – perfect for children of all ages who love colouring.
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