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Appreciate Nature! 

Why living in the UK is so lovely

When the weather is less than desired it is difficult to appreciate our country, but here are a few reasons why living in the UK is so lovely.

Greens: The rainy weather really helps feed our environment and keeps our fields and plants looking stunning. The different shades of green are wonderful and vary throughout the year.

Seasons: Some find this a hindrance, never know what to wear! But actually, the seasons are truly wonderful‚ they give us the opportunity to be able to experience the same landscape under different conditions, so we can see how things change and develop in different situations.

Proximity: We are so close to everything! We are able to just jump on a plane or a boat and be in a different country with ease, so we can learn lots about our world.

Cultures: Our world is so diverse and now, many people from all walks of life can share their own backgrounds with each other. It is so lovely to be able to share stories with people from different backgrounds and learn about life elsewhere.

These are just a few reasons why life is grand, why not tell us about where you live and what you appreciate about the area that you are from, wherever in the world you might be!

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