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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

A UNIQUE method of teaching children’s mental health wellness

Relax Kids has a unique 7-step system to helping children relax. Our method has been used by hundreds of thousands of children for almost a quarter of a century. It works so well because it worths with children’s natural energy system. Our Award Winning system helps create balance in the mind, body and emotions. Each step links to the chakras and this is why our system works so well. 

Here are some exercises to try at home.

Boosts endorphins, increase energy levels and build confidence


Stamp your feet on the ground. Feel your feet connecting to the floor. Breathe out with each stamp.

This exercise is great for the start of the day.

Games help stress-relief and confidence, and help towards giving an increased sense of wellbeing


One person calls out an object and the next person has to say the first object that they can think of that related to that word. The next person continues. ie flower bed sheet ice winter coat pocket. You could even come up with a story using all the words. 

This quick fire brain boosting game is great for  filling up a bored moment in the day.

Supports children’s balance, inner strength and calm. 


Ask your child to curl up into a ball like a tortoise. Place a blanket over their back and let them relax for a while before bed. 

This exercise helps boost the parasympathetic nervous system and can help improve sleep. 

For self-awareness and boost immune system. 


Ask your child to place their left hand in their fight hand and rest their thumb on the palm. Lightly stroke the palm in circles. 

This exercise helps boost the immune system and can help protect your body.

For focus, concentration and emotional management


Take in a deep breath into your belly. As you inhale feel as if you are breathing into your stomach and then chest- as if you were climbing a ladder and breathe out slowly as you come down the ladder. 

This exercise stimulates the relaxation response which helps manage anxiety. 

For self-esteem, confidence and optimism. 


Look deeply into their eyes and say ‘ you are special, you are loved, you are unique and you are valuable.’ Get them to repeat back ‘I am special and loved, unique and valuable.’

This is great for boosting inner self- worth. 

Deep relaxation, imagination and a sense of peace 


Melting Butter
Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are a tiny piece of butter lying on warm toast.

Imagine that the ground is warm like toast and you are slowly melting into the toast. Feel your whole body becoming soft and gooey as you melt and relax into the warm toast. Take in a deep breath and breath all the way out slowly. As you breathe out, your whole body softens and melts into the toast. Breathe in, breathe out. Notice what is happening. Notice how your body feels as it is melting slowly. How do you feel? How long can you lie there for, feeling relaxed and calm?

This is great for developing the imagination and inner peace.

RELAX is the final step in the Relax Kids 7-step system. 

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