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7 ways to keep children cool in the heat

Relax and stay cool

Summer is finally here! And, while it lasts, here are a few handy hints to keep your little ones (and yourself) cool to have fun in the sun…

1. Play with ice cubes. Freeze small pocket toys and let them play with the ice cube until it melts to reveal the toy.

2. Freeze ice cubes with bits of fruit or sweets and let them suck on them to stay cool

3. Cool towels. Pop wet flannels in the fridge and bring out when needed. Wet towels wrapped around the feet, forehead and wrists cools the whole body down quickly.

4. Cooling breathing exercise. Purse your lips to make a small o shape. Breathe in slowly as if you are breathing in through a straw.

5. Snow queen. Ask children to lie still and imagine the snow queen is blowing icy breath on them

6. Water balloons. Fill balloons with water and hide, unless you want to get wet!

7. Melting ice. Imagine you are made of ice and stay still and feel yourself melting slowly.