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6 quick tips to stay ahead of bullies

Bullies are looking for attention

Bullies are looking for attention. Try to give them as little attention as possible. As soon as they know you are upset and scared, they will taunt you more.

1 Walk way if a bully approaches you

2 Be positive and think about how great you really are and take no notice what anyone else says

3 Affirmation – have a positive saying that you repeat to yourself in your mind when the bully is coming close

4 Put on an invisible cloak of courage and imagine that anything the bully is saying just bounces off the cloak

5 Try to visualise the bully looking silly, maybe with spotty pants, or a party hat or a clowns mask

6 If you stay confident, the bullies will go away as they only come to people they think are weaker than them.

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