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5 magical morning habits

Make sure your child has the best day ever with these good habits.

Relax – Ask your child to lie in bed and relax and breathe just for a minute or two.

Stretch – While they are in bed, let them stretch like a cat. They can stretch in anyway that feels good. Stretching is great to help calm the mind and wakes up the body.

 Drink – We become dehydrated during sleep so make sure your child drinks a glass of water that has been left by the bed. This will give their brain and brain a boost.

Say THANK YOU- While they are getting ready, remind them to be grateful for all the good things in their life. Older children could write three things in their gratitude diary and younger children can tell you what they are happy for in their life.

 Mirror Mirror – When they are looking in the mirror brushing their hair or teeth, remind them to say or think things that they love abut themselves.