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4 tips to help you keep safe this Christmas.

Christmas is great fun but for many it can be a stressful time with extra activities and now there is the extra worry of testing, self-isolating and restrictions.

This stress can play havoc on our energy levels, digestion and immune system.

Here are some top tips for keeping the family healthy this Christmas.

1. Rich foods can play havoc with the digestion system, which in turn can weaken the immune system. Make sure the family are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need with fresh fruit, porridge for breakfast and warming soups.

2. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Hot water with some lemon juice is great to get the digestion going in the morning.

3. Try to exercise for 10 or 15 mins a day. Wrap up warm and take the family out for an invigorating walk around the block. Better still, get the whole family up and off the sofa for 1 min high intensity running on the stop and feel the body tingle with energy.

4.Spend a few minutes resting and relaxing together. Cosy up warm with blankets and hot water bottles, close your eyes and enjoy listening to some relaxing Christmas music. Try some Relax Kids exercises or listen to our Audios.

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